6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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6 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

If you’re wondering what benefits your business could experience by using social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place! Social media marketing is becoming an important channel in many integrated marketing campaigns and I’m going to tell you the top six reasons why.

Increased Brand Recognition

Every piece of content you share via your social media channels helps you project your business’ brand and visibility. From the image you choose to the way you write copy, your social media activity is helping customers understand your brand and whom they are purchasing from. What’s more, it’s also making you more recognisable to potential and existing customers.

Take for example your Facebook page, if you share a piece of content that resonates with your existing audience and they like, comment or share it, it’s likely one of their friends with similar thoughts is going to see your content and form an idea of your brand.

More Opportunities to Convert

Every time you share a piece of content on social media, you are creating another opportunity to increase revenue. When you build an active and engaged audience, each piece of quality content you share is likely to be seen by them, and give you access to new and existing customers ready to interact with your business. Not all interactions are going to lead to a sale, but they will develop the relationship you share with your audience.

Increased Inbound Traffic

There are many ways to increase traffic to your business and/or site. Whether you choose to use ads or simply share content, the choice is yours, but each time you use social media you are turning on the green light. Think of it this way: when you develop content for your site, it has to wait for visitors to find it based on keywords you rank for. However, social media gives you the power to ensure it’s seen, and creates another path back to your business or site.

Decreased Marketing Cost

There are two ways you can reduce marketing costs using social media. The first has already been mentioned, but in a nutshell, sharing content with an engaged audience will likely result in more individuals seeing your content, with no other cost than the time it takes to develop it; and high quality content can deliver significantly higher reach at practically no cost to your business.

The other way to reduce marketing costs is through social media ads. They come in various formats and differ slightly from platform to platform, however whether you choose to acquire followers or drive website clicks, the objective you choose is what you will be charged for. Even if you only want to spend $500, but with that want to achieve 1000 website clicks, you can quite easily achieve this with the right ads.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Every business wants to improve their search ranking; it’s the best way to capture customers when they are in the ‘ready to buy’ stage. Now your social media pages can also influence this. Google and other search engine results may be calculating their rankings based of your social media presence, because like the big brands, your business appears active and credible.

Improved Customer Insights

Understanding your customers is one of the most important parts to social media marketing. Luckily there are many tools that can help you do this, most of which come from the platforms themselves. Take Facebook for example, you can find out the typical age and gender of your customers, but you can also find out their typical activity and more. Embedding Facebook pixels on your site can also reveal data about visitors, helping develop more insightful and effective marketing activities.

Whilst I have listed six benefits of social media marketing, there are many available for businesses, it’s just a matter of understanding your business and its objectives. If you’d like to talk about how I can help you business, get in touch today.



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