8 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples and Why They Work

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8 Inspiring Facebook Ad Examples and Why They Work


Stuck on Facebook ad ideas? Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration. So in this article I’ll take you through eight Facebook ad examples and explain why they work.


Facebook Ad Example #1 – Slurpee Australia


This colourful post shows exactly how to move away from the ‘status-quo’ in advertising that doesn’t translate well on Facebook. Instead, the image pulls in a real life moment where the product would be seen and rounds out the content using copy that adds to the story. Using the word ‘UNLIMITED FUUUNN’ alongside an image with just the products simply wouldn’t have the same impact.


Takeaway: use real-life imagery and relevant copy to create content that speaks to your customer.


Slurpee Facebook Ad Example



Facebook Ad Example #2 – Adidas


This Adidas post was used to promote their new runner and again shows how colour can be incorporated into Facebook posts to bring an image to life. Bright colours can easily lift a dull and somewhat ‘boring’ image. But more importantly, they can capture attention and create a thumb-stopping moment in the daily newsfeed scroll.


Takeaway: colour can create moments that capture attention in the newsfeed.


Adidas Facebook Example


Facebook Ad Example #3 – Nivea


Emotion is one of the many tactics employed in social marketing. Why? They work. Emotional appeals are what cause people to engage, share and relate. They how businesses are able to connect with customers. So if your goal is to develop a preference for your products, emotional appeals are the way to go. Here video has been used as the format to tell the story, and as I’m sure you’ve heard many times before, video is the trend in content.


Takeaway: emotional appeals help drive engagement.


Nivea Facebook Ad Example


Facebook Ad Example #4 – Artifact Uprising


You don’t need to write an essay to get results. Sometimes less is more. Like this post that announces a sale is on. They’ve used the word ‘SALE’ prominently to ensure customers looking for a discount know now is the time to purchase.


Takeaway: if you have a great offer or incentive, don’t weigh it down in everything else.


Artifact Uprising Facebook Ad Example


Facebook Ad Example #5 – Architect Ante Vrban


When it comes to promoting what you do, there’s nothing like the completed project. This Facebook ad example shows how beautiful imagery needs nothing more to promote what you do. A professional looking image is all that’s needed.



Takeaway: Images tell 1,000 words, so when you want to promote your services, products or business, think about what beautiful image can be created.


Architect Ante Vrban Facebook Ad Example


Facebook Ad Example #6 – Plated


When it comes to driving returns or generating sales, there’s nothing better than an offer. Plated, a US based food delivery business, used an incentive to promote their food service, enticing users to ‘Sign Up’ to their meal service.


Takeaway: when looking for sales, use incentives to drive action.


Plated Facebook Ad Example


Facebook Ad Example #7 – Lazada


There are many types of ads available of Facebook, including the carousel ad (pictured below). The carousel ad is great when you have a selection of products or offers available during a sale. Lazada have included incentives and the carousel ad format to ensure customers know the promotion is not just on one single item.


Takeaway: try using Facebook’s carousel ad format if you have multiple sales offers.


Lazada Facebook Ad Example


Facebook Ad Example #8 – VFILES


Looking for lead generation? VFILES have run their ads wisely here, mixing a number of the tactics spoken about earlier in this article. They speak inherently to their audience, use bold colours to capture attention, and take it one step further by letting people know what they will receive from signing up.


Takeaway: if you want someone to give you their details, make sure they know what they will receive. And it should be in-line with their wants.


VFILES Facebook Ad Example


Feeling inspired? It’s time to create your Facebook ad. So if you haven’t before, just follow that link and get started.



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