Looking for the best social media marketing agency?

Looking for the best social media marketing agency?

Looking for the best social media marketing agency?

If you’re looking for the best social media marketing agency to suit your business, you likely already understand the value of social media marketing and what it can deliver. The next step in your journey however is finding the right fit.


There are plenty of options out there when it comes to social media marketing these days, whether it’s hiring a freelancer, employing a dedicated Social Media Manager or simply finding a marketing agency.


The benefit of the latter is that with an agency comes expertise, resource, creativity and of course, a broad view of the marketing space. However, it also tends to come at a high cost. AND, like a barber telling you they know how to repair a badly damaged haircut or colour, they may not be able to get the job done exactly as it needs.


SO, what should you be looking for out of your social media marketing agency?


Ability to turn business goals into social media marketing objectives


The social media marketing agency will be able to help you translate your business goals into a social sense. They understand how each platform works, both from an organic and a paid perspective, and will use it to bake a healthy strategy that attracts sales leads, drives event registration or increases online purchases. It’s important for them to build these social marketing goals as it will ensure your business goals are also met.


Knowledge of social media marketing tactics, tools and platforms


The best social media marketing agencies will inspire you with the creative flair and their ability to utilise social media tools and platforms. This will include various content formats and ad variations such as Facebook Canvas and Instagram Stories. By doing this, they are helping your business leverage the algorithm-favoured tactics as they happen.


Understand your target audience


Social media is a great tool for marketing, but an even better tools for research. Social media users commenting, engaging, sharing and even watching content can provide some of the greatest value to businesses. It can help you understand your customers, what they are interested in, how they use the product and how best to market to them. The best social media marketing agencies will be able to test, track, and report on all of this. Providing your business with social capital for future marketing campaigns, product updates and more. Make sure that when engaging an agency you ask how they can help you do this.



Where do you find a social media marketing agency?


There are many social media marketing agencies across Australia. Some will manage their customers respective of the area they are based, whether that be Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Brisbane, and you can generally find them with ease using a simple Google search.

Luckily however, social media is a truly digital platform, meaning your business could hire a social media marketing agency from anywhere across Australia. So take your time, find an agency that can cater your specific business needs. After all, there’s always Skype, Google Hangouts and other ways of staying connected.





There are many options when it comes to social media marketing agencies, but if you’re looking to find the best one, it’s important that you have a conversation with them. Find out how they think they can translate your business needs into social media marketing objectives, pay attention to the tactics they think could be explored and tested, and make sure you ask how they will report on activity and gain insights that can help your business grow and achieve your goals.





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