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The Three Tools You Need to Know Today for Creating Great Content

Great content doesn’t have to be rocket science; it’s all about providing your audience with helpful information in a fun and creative way. How you ask? Great question! You need to find content your audience will want to read because it speaks to them, but still keep it relevant to your industry. Once you have found that content, it’s just a matter of re-purposing it to suit your audience and brand, and here are the three tools I use to do just that.

Feedly is great for automating content sourcing. It allows you to find and follow sources of information such as blogs, websites and more with the click of a button. Each morning you can simply head into your Feedly account, put on your audiences hat, and find content that will enrich their life. It’s that simple.

Canva is a fantastic tool for business owners that may not have the design skills to use Photoshop or other editing software but still want images that are pleasing to the eye.  Check out Hub Spots fantastic article on using Canva.

  • Facebook Insights

Lastly, but probably most important, Facebook Insights. Not only do these babies let you know how many people your posts are reaching, they also let you know how many people are consuming your content. This is fantastic because the more people consuming your content, the more helpful Facebook deems your content, and in-turn, the further your content will reach organically. Download the reporting and deep-dive into your audience’s consumption, if you find they are responding (consuming) one type of content more than another, post more of this.

I will be posting more about Facebook Insights and creating great content in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.


Three Tips for Developing an Engaged Community and Increasing Organic Reach

Many marketers will talk about the pain points of Facebook’s reach algorithm and its effect on businesses organic reach, dropping many to around 1 – 2% of their total fan base, but I am going to let you in on a little secret… well three little tips for developing an engaged community and increasing organic reach.

Get Personable

Let’s be frank, people have liked your brand because they have an invested interest. Whether they are past customers or potentially new customers, being personable is what will get them engaging with your brand. And here is the massive plus to that, if people engage with your content, Facebook sees your content as more relevant and will serve it to more people organically. So how do you make content more personable? Great question. Make your business “socially” real, that is, use images of staff members, products, your office and highlight staff successes and achievements. People love to see your business and the people they will be doing business with.

Stay on Brand

Think about the experience the customer is going to receive when they come in-store or do business with you; that is the voice and image you need to portray on social media, not only does it help for brand consistency, but customers will love feeling like they have made the right choice in connecting with you. Now this one is really important, if your brand is friendly and professional online, people will expect the same offline, if not, customers will experience an element of shock. Your business needs to be the one they envisioned when they first saw your brand.

Be Friendly

Finally, but probably one the most important parts; people are on Facebook to connect with their friends, that is who they engage with, like, comment and share from. So as a brand know this and use it to your advantage, make your content similar to that of a friend: interesting, positive, and interactive. Ask questions to your fans and get them speaking, and tailor your copy with their interests in mind.

If you follow this three tips I am confident you will see your community grow in engagement resulting in increased, organic, reach and a community of advocates for your business.

Got a tip on creating an engaging community, let me know your thoughts below.