Four Hashtag Tips for Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

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Four Hashtag Tips for Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

It’s important to make sure you have the right hashtag and engagement tactics in place when thinking about your Instagram marketing strategy.


TIP ONE – Know your audience’s hashtag habits

Think about your target audience, what they engage with and where they are. Say for example you’re a business in Melbourne. Watching out for hashtags such as #Melbourne, #Melbournefinds and others, and engaging with users–where relevant–and their content can help you start building relationships, and increasing visibility of your brand.


TIP TWO – Develop a list of killer hashtags

Research a few of the most important hashtags and incorporate them into your Instagram marketing strategy.


There are a few ways to approach this. You can start by conducting a search on Instagram around the keywords, check out content published by others to see what they’re using, and even use Google searches to locate popular hashtags. Whichever the case you opt for, find hashtags that are relevant, have generally high engagement, and include a couple of more niche hashtags where possible.


TIP THREE – Engage with users and content

As mentioned above, it’s important to engage with users’ content and accounts, and please, where possible, be real. We’ve all seen those users who get a bot and just comment on everyone’s post ‘cool’, ‘we like this’ or some other random nonsensical comment. If you like a post, tell them why. Give them thought and in return you will be remembered.


OK! You get that and a doing it. But why’s it not working?


Well, engagement is a constant activity. So you’re going to need to be active at any moment you can. Perhaps look at getting a couple of people to help if you’re short of time.



TIP FOUR – Don’t be a spammer

The cautious factor to consider in your Instagram marketing strategy is to watch out for looking too spammy.


Being overly active on content that isn’t relevant to you or your brand can be detrimental. Remember, Instagram is a platform that many users love because they can be easily found and achieve instant lik-ification a.k.a. the social like/love. And in an effort to seek this gratification, users will opt for any keyword that is likely going to get it.


Need help with your Instagram game? Get in touch for a chat. We’ll help you hashtag your way to customers in no time.



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