Two tips to maximise Facebook advertising

Two tips to maximise Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is already a great option for small businesses, but what if I told you there were two ways you could maximise the returns you’re already seeing? Interested?

Caveat: Whilst I’m going to share these two tips with you, it’s important to point out that there are many ways to increase the performance of your Facebook advertising and I’d encourage you to try them. I’d also highly recommend setting benchmarks for your activity, I’m writing this post because I’ve seen great results from both approaches.

Now the caveat is out of the way, let’s start enhancing your ads.


Canvas ads

It seems as though every morning I wake up there’s a new update, tool, or advertising unit on Facebook, and if you’ve been using it for your business, you’ve probably noticed this too. One of the most recent introductions has been Facebook canvas, an ad unit that let’s you capture the attention of customers and tell a story using a variety of elements such as images, text, video and links.

This ad unit is only available on mobile which is fine considering more than 90% of usage is on mobile. But the story capabilities are endless, and there are some seriously creative executions. If you’re interested in seeing some, head to the Facebook group – Canvas Examples.

So how do they perform? Well, I’ve seen the cost go down from $0.55 to $0.15 per website click. That’s a 72% reduction in cost. Pretty impressive right?

Now the next tactic.


Visual reading

Here’s an interesting one! We all know when reading a book, newspaper, or even a great blog like the one you’re reading right now 😉 we read left to right. Well, when viewing web-based content, a similar pattern begins to emerge. It’s often referred to as the ‘F-pattern’ and confirmed during a Nielsen Norman Group study on eyetracking in 2006.

Why is it so important? Well, when it comes to creating Facebook ads, using this as a basis for your ad design can lead to a reduction in the cost per website click. What you want to do is focus on creating a visual line to the action point. You’ve likely seen this in ads which use arrows to point to buttons such as sign up. Our eyes want to go somewhere, so it’s important that through imagery, we direct them. In a recent campaign I managed, I flipped an image so that the visual path now led to the ‘Shop Now’ button and saw the cost per website click go down 70%, from $1.53 to $0.42, solely for this factor.

Image showing reduction in Facebook CPC by flipping image.


If you want to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising, make sure you’re testing out new ad formats as Facebook makes them available. Even if you’re only placing a small budget behind, the return could be great. Once you’ve found an ad format that works well, further increase performance by paying attention the design of the ad, taking in considerations such as visual reading, action statements and refining your targeting.



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