Measuring Social Media Success In The Beauty Industry

Measuring Social Media Success In The Beauty Industry

So you’re using social media for your beauty business, but you’re not quite getting the results you want? Not to worry! Social media provides many tools, platforms and strategies to help you succeed.

Firstly I need to let you know that social media is not going to take you from 0 – 100 in the click of switch, nor is it going to viral when you want it to. In fact, some of the most viral pieces of content happened without that being the objective. Social media takes time to foster a community of devoted fans interested in your business, and the truth is, this is where true success lay.

Achieving results however is another thing, and the main item I want to discuss with you today.

Setting Objectives

Results are going to vary business to business, which is why it’s important for you to understand what yours are. You might be a new business in the area looking to raise awareness; an established business looking to retain customers; or, you may be looking to fill seats; you might even have multiple objectives – which is ok, but you need to set these.

Your turn: Write down at least one to two objectives you want to achieve for your business through social media.

Measuring Success

Next you’ll want to a measurement in place. Depending on the ad type, you’ll have various pieces of data at your hands and you can benchmark – set a comparison – in multiple ways. You may choose your own success in the past, a member of the industries results, or you may choose to use someone’s within another industry. To get you started in this process, I have listed some of the results I have achieved in the beauty industry:

Website Clicks                       $0.43 – $0.59 per click

Page Likes                              $0.55 – $1.09 per page like

Cost Per Engagement           $0.10 – $0.65 per engagement

Reach                                      $2.38 – $3.77 per thousand

Your turn: Either use the benchmarks you already have or the ones I have provided above and establish yours.

Your objectives and benchmarks should look something like this now:  I want to drive 100 people to my website over the month of January at a cost of $0.50 per click.


The fantastic thing with any form of digital advertising is, more times than not, you have the ability to monitor and optimise performance in real-time. This means you can view which ads are performing best and optimise accordingly. Your optimisation might be a change of image, text, both, bidding mechanism or targeting. I’ll be going into optimisation in more detail next week, including taking a look at some of the best strategies being used today. So stay tuned.

Now that you have your objectives, measurements, benchmarks, and understand a bit about optimisation, I encourage you to monitor your ad and content performance over the next month and make optimisations until you achieve your set goal.

Have a questions about using social media for your business, comment below or send an email through the contact us section and I’ll get in touch.



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