Update to Facebook Pages Making it Easier to Connect

Update to Facebook Pages Making it Easier to Connect

I recently attended a Facebook insights session on mobile commerce in Melbourne. The day was packed full of great insight and a glimpse into Facebook’s future, and how mobile would be key. Did you know that on average we check our mobile phones at least 80 times a day? And 14 of those are generally to check Facebook, with a combined total of approximately one hour every day.


The fact is, Facebook need to make it easier for businesses and consumers to connect via mobile, and a recent update to Facebook Pages aims to do just that, after all, they’re visited by more than one billion people every month.


Removing Drop Offs and Smoothing out the Process

One the changes to their Pages is in the call-to-action buttons. Previously if a user clicked on your call-to-action button, they may have gone to a non-friendly mobile experience and drop off. Now, people will be able to schedule, order and buy easily with your page. Facebook is allowing businesses to add the new call-to-action buttons to their page with a form that’s easy to complete with just a few clicks.


One example Facebook gave was that of a spa, who now can help their potential customers easily leave a review or book an appointment through your Page.


There are two ways a business can start using these features, however they don’t appear to be available in Australia just yet.


  1. The first is with an existing service provider such as delivery.com, HomeAdvisor or MyTime. Facebook says more providers will be coming on in the next few months and that this option is currently only available to businesses in the US.
  2. The second option is by managing the booking and enquiries through Messenger on your Page. This option only works with the new “Get Quote” and “Request Time” call-to-action buttons however. Once selected by your customer, a Messenger thread will open between you and the person.


Again, this feature doesn’t seem available to Australia just yet, but will likely be in due course, so stay tuned.


Recommendations by Friends


Now the exciting new feature they’re testing, when friends ask for recommendations on Facebook, users will have the option to include relevant Pages in the comments section and post their recommendation on a map. This feature seems the coolest out of all, making it extremely easy for users to find recommendations by friends.


Image of Mobile with Facebook App




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