Social Media Marketing Frequently Asked Questions


Social Media Marketing Frequently Asked Questions


What do social media marketing companies do?

Social media marketing companies will do various tasks depending on what your business needs, but largely they will be tasked with developing social media strategies, managing social media channels, social media advertising and content development.


For the larger businesses, they may also work on integrating social media into your customer service and sales teams, and even integrate it with your CRM software.


How much does social media marketing cost?

The cost of social media marketing will vary depending on tools you use, people involved, and the cost of advertising.


How much do social media marketing consultants/companies charge?

This charge can change depending on where you find the consultant. Consultants who charge per hour can vary anywhere from $20 – $400 per hour, varying largely on experience.


If you decide to go with an agency, the cost can vary again as you need to consider paying the cost of an account manager, social media manager, designer and sometimes even a planner. This can drive your monthly costs upwards of $5,000 per month.


At Social Revolution, we charge based on packages which allows businesses to choose the one they feel most suitable to their needs. Of course, we also have customisable solutions as every business is different and may need something different.


How much does advertising cost on Facebook?

Facebook, like other social channels, doesn’t require a specified amount to begin advertising. This is partly the reason many businesses love it – you can decide how much you want to invest. For example, if you only have a budget of $100 a month, you can still generate business and reach a large number of people.


What should you set as your social media budget?

If just starting out and willing to do the work yourself, you can start your social media budget with as little as $1. Try starting with $100 get the most out of your testing. This will give you enough of a budget to start seeing results and learning what works for your business.