Stop Wasting Your Facebook Advertising Budget

Stop Wasting Your Facebook Advertising Budget

I have noticed this on different brand pages a couple of times now and it gets me every time – brands using Facebook ads that are ill-targeted causing pointless spending of their advertising budget. I know, Facebook advertising is much less expensive than other forms of advertising but at the end of the day the best business decision that can be made is to reduce costs and maximize returns wherever possible, right? This includes social media advertising.

Firstly, if you’re running a page likes campaign don’t, I repeat, do not target people who already like your page. Facebook will push the ad out to anyone it can, including those that are already connected with your brand.  To ensure you are not wasting your ad budget, make sure you have the ‘Connections’ section in your targeting set to ‘Only people not connected to (your business)‘.

Facebook Ad Targeting Screenshot

Secondly, targeting by location. Seems pretty obvious but I have actually seen a couple of businesses targeting locations that will offer no value to their brand or the message they are conveying. Unless your business functions in a national capacity or you have the advertising budget too, don’t target nationally. You want to make sure your targeting is for your ideal customer, targeting where they are based and with a message that will resonate with them.

Facebook provides businesses with plenty of options for targeting so if you aren’t using them, start; stop ‘boosting’ posts form the page and instead head to the ‘ads manager’ tab located to the left of your screen. There are plenty of options for running ads depending on your objective and better yet, it will give you fantastic control of your ads.

Till next time, happy connecting!



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