Three Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Three Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Did you know Facebook ads first appeared three months after the social platform launched in February 2004? Pretty crazy, right?! Facebook advertising has been around for more than 10 years now, and whilst the ad formats have certainly changed, the value they offer business hasn’t.


It’s true, there are many benefits social media advertising offers and one of the key tools of seeing these is the development of social media objectives, but today I wanted to highlight three that I feel work for any business, no matter what your objective may be.


I’d also like to mention that although I will be referencing Facebook primarily, this information applies to platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn too.


Reach People Interested In Your Products and Services

Marketing has changed since the days of running an offer and advertising it to everyone and anyone in the hopes that you’ll land a customer. Social media’s plethora of data capturing allows businesses to target users who are highly relevant to them. You have the potential to target people who are in the location your business operates, have an interest relating to your business, have been to your website, or even Facebook users who seem similar to your current audience base.

Think about it. Would you like to only be paying for reaching customers relevant to your business?


Lower Cost, Higher Return

Refined reach and ad targeting means less wastage. This one is pretty straightforward, but basically, you’re only paying to reach people interested in your business’s product and/or services. What’s more, you can optimise the ad targeting to bid for actions you want. Want to drive people to your website? Use the website clicks ad format and Facebook will optimise the ads so that it serves the ad to users who are likely to click and fall within your targeting.

Would you rather be paying for only the results you want?


Remarketing the Customer Life Cycle

This final overlooked and highly valuable benefit I want to mention is one that not a lot of small to medium sized businesses use. It uses HTML coding to track users who visit certain pages on your site and allows you to market to those users again. Say someone has purchased a product, you could target them with an ad that encourages them to revisit your store; or perhaps they didn’t quite make the thank you page, why not target them with an ad to complete the purchase?! Either way you’re now making your social marketing work.


Now that we’ve covered these three benefits of social media marketing, would you like to discuss how social media can benefit your business in more depth? Get in touch today.







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