Three Social Media Management Tools for Instagram Marketing

Three Social Media Management Tools for Instagram Marketing

Ready to blow your Instagram marketing out of the park with video-style content?

Want to make sure your Instagram feed looks top-notch?

In this article you’ll learn about three social media management tools to boost your Instagram marketing endeavours.

Right now I could quite easily go into the usual spill every other social media publication tells you, such as use Hootsuite for social media management, Canva for design, and don’t forget Buffer for scheduling, but I’m not going to. I’m going to share the three tools I LOVE using for Instagram.


    1. Ripl

Ripl is a relatively new app that’s basically the Canva equivalent for video. It lets you easily overlay fonts, logos and other pictures and add cool transitions.


Image of the Ripl app

Animate your social media


The simplicity of this platform is unbelievable and whilst there is a free version, the premium version at $9.99 US p/month is great value for video lovers.  Afterall, video is the new black.



  1. Later


Later is the perfect partner for any social media strategy incorporating Instagram. Now true, scheduling is very similar to Hootsuite, in that it doesn’t auto-publish, but it does give you the power to see what it will look like on Instagram before it’s published.

Image of the Later app

Schedule & manage your Instagram posts

This is perfect for the Instagram oriented business who has a keen eye for details and a nack for visual content marketing. The free version will let you schedule up to 30 Instagram posts per month and 50 Twitter, whilst managing one account on each. It also gives you the ability to search and repost content you find.


  1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is a social media engagement app for Instagram and Twitter, and boy do I wish Facebook had a similar partner – shout out if you’ve found one, I’ll bake you a lemon cheesecake.

An image of the Crowdfire app

Manage your social media following from one site

The handy app lets you see who followed and unfollowed you, find inactive followers, relevant users (Twitter only), and see who are your biggest admirers.


The Nutshell


There are plenty social media management tools out there to help you, no matter what your social media marketing objective is. These three tools combined will help you build a visually appealing Instagram feed that is truly your brand, and help you find and connect with people who matter.




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